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Other Available Countries/Jurisdictions:

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Many More

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Other Available Countries/Jurisdictions:

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Many More


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Source: Statista

Tangible (Physical) Assets vs. Intangible Assets (IP)

Source: My Asset Tag

Source: Lexology

Source: Ocean Tomo



Source: Pharma Boardroom

Foreign Online E-Commerce still reigns supreme in Malaysia

Unlike physical assets, Intangible Assets are only recordable in your Company's Balance Sheet through the monetisation or "cash out" (please see OSIM® example below) of your Intangible Assets i.e. your Intellectual Property (e.g. Trademarks) by sales (e.g. M&A, Assignments), rental (licensing, franchising), investments (shares buy-in, joint venture, IPO), to name a few.

Source: Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

We also provide the services to record your intangible assets into your Company Balance Sheet via a monetisation process through our sister accounting & audit companies.

An Asset is not considered as an asset if it is still under a loan. It is only a Liability (Debt).

Like Luxury Watches & Real Estate, 

Intangible Assets (such as Trademarks) will appreciate in value through time.

*SGD 1 = USD 0.75

Our Staff (Sales Managers) each handling your trademark enquiry & registration will send their Trademark Agent Certificates 

(as issued by the TM Office Malaysia)(as a Proof) to you 

together with our Quotation (of USD 199+).

One of Our Founders' Registered Trademark Attorney Certificate:

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What is Trademark ®? 

Trademark is your own unique name, a brand, a sign or symbol (logo) your customers and clients can recognise as your successes i.e. your businesses, services and products.

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