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Longwood Assets® Sdn Bhd (1044430-P)

is a collaborative 


Intellectual Property (IP) &

Management Consultancy

firm established in Malaysia since 2013.

"Longwood" is a name derived from the noble families, manors, estates, regions, and counties in the Longworth region of Bolton, Salford, Lancashire; and the other Longworth in Oxfordshire in the 5th century up to the Norman conquest.

As such, the "Longwood" name is heavily associated with England's ancient Anglo-Saxon (early Germanic inhabitants of England) culture.

Historically, the Longwood surname was first discovered in the early census records collected by the early Kings of Britain in Lancashire.

The most famous Longwood's historic figure would be Sir Nicholas Longworth. He was an American Republican politician and also the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives in which he displayed powerful leadership, charm and tact.

During his tenure, Sir Nicholas Longworth managed to champion legislations for balanced budgets, major tax reductions, and veterans. His father was from an old, prominent, and wealthy family dominating Cincinnati, US from England.

 - Jeremiah Longworth (Mr.) 

 - Non-Executive Partner

 - LLB (Hons) Law (UCLan)

 - LLM in Law (UCLan)

 - Seamus Tan (Mr.) 

 - Partner & Director

 - LLB (Hons) Law (HKU)

 - LLM in Law (UNSW)

- Daniel Wong (Mr.) 

 - Corporate Advisor & 

    Company Secretary

 - CA (Aust)

 - CA (M)

 - BBus (Acc)

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Longwood Assets® is currently co-owned by a group of

British citizens, Eurasians, Singaporeans & Malaysians.

As such, naturally you are able to see that we handle your IP & company secretarial needs distinctively with British & Eurasian (Quality of Life), Singaporean (Efficiency) & Malaysian (Courtesy) flair and senior business experience. 

Our Management Team has combined experience of more than 30 years from small to top, big professional firms & companies in UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia including our IP Agent(s) from Top Ranking International IP Firms as voted by Managing IP, Asia Law, World Trademark Review, to name a few. 

Our Management Team is from top Legal, IP, Company Secretary, Management Consultancy, Accounting, & Investments backgrounds (with UK, Australian, Singaporean, Malaysian & Hong Kong practising licenses). 

"Since our past experience till now, we have successfully registered countless trademarks, brands or companies with "®" or "Sdn Bhd" for our clients: Naturally, successfully, hugely increasing our clients' status, reputation, value, leverage, quality of service, & popularity in the eyes of markets and industries using only the barely sizeable cashflow, time, & effort."

In our track records, we have served, and provided consultancy to Diverse Clientele: Top Local & International, Governmental & Private Universities (for Patent, Trademark & Industrial Design), Small & Big Brands, MNCs, SMEs, Startups, Charitable Foundations, Enterprise & Entrepreneurs. We have ongoing long-term contracts with Top Local Governmental, Private Universities & Research Firms, and MNCs.

Our Co-Founder's Malaysian Trademark Attorney License:

Our Company's Registered Trademark in Malaysia:

Our Team

 - Eliza Chan (Ms.) 

 - Senior Manager

 - LLB (Hons)(University of London)

 - Master of Economics (NUS)

 - Bryan Lee (Mr.) 

 - Senior Manager

 - LLB (Hons)(University of London)

 - MBA (University of Nottingham)

Our Staff has good (annual) track records (as trademark or IP executives. Solving our clients' business needs -> Customer Satisfaction) such that 100% of our Staff we kept producing were well sought-after by top reputable Malaysian and foreign firms.

We Ensure Sufficient Fresh Talents & Performers Every Year. We adopt "Revolving Door" practice on our Staff Recruitment & Maintenance. Our Staff is exclusively hired, trained and managed by our Management Team.

Our Company Activities in Overseas:

Our Office(s):


Our Services

"Forget About Your Competitors. Just Focus On Your Customers" - Jack Ma


Longwood Assets is a full-fledged, professional Intellectual Property (IP) & Companies Law (Startup/Company Secretary) firm operating from Malaysia since the 2010s.

Longwood Assets started off as a 2-person team in an enterprise occupying a 200-sq-ft office space slowly expanding to a more established company (private limited) in a larger office. In our humble beginnings, we managed to learn, slowly but surely, that our clients could always have different expectations and foresights, each in their very own unique way.

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it."

         - Peter Drucker

Longwood Assets quietly understands you & your valuable clients. As our clients come from different industries, backgrounds, and countries, we value deeply our client's judgement, culture and extra-ordinary visions.

Through our maturing perspective, in-depth practice and many years of experience (more than 15 years), we always strive to know and cater to what our clients need and find out a way to reach their ultimate goals and values, be it in a legal turf, corporate one or simply in a socially benefiting way (wherever we could see it fit).



 "Within Every Brand Is A Product, But Not Every Product Is A Brand” - David Ogilvy

In short, we must always protect & preserve what that is valuable to us now before it loses its value. To us, Intellectual Property is a

deep discipline. A simple misstep, delay or in order to save some cost, could lead to huge (legal or being-pirated) losses instead of profit. Definitely not for the faint-hearted

 "Protect Your Good Name. It's Your Best Asset” - Robin Sharma

Longwood Assets makes everything possible for you, your and our clients. We understand about branding (trademark), innovation (patent) and design at their core.

Yet, more importantly, we seek first to know what our clients need then to be known what we need in order to protect our clients' valuable intangible brainchild. Just like the latin phrase i.e. "parva sub ingenti", the knowledgeable ones always guide those who need it.

"In our track records, we have successfully obtained granted patents and registered trademarks and industrial designs in foreign countries such as in U.S., Europe and Japan via selected foreign associates and PCT, and in Malaysia."

"We have devised our own unique novelty searching & patent drafting (writing) methods to capture and realize the commercial value of inventions and researches that have so far generated positive feedback from our clients."

"Through our unique IP management style, we have managed to attain immeasurable commercial value for the IP assets under our track records & care through successful licensing and high worldwide distribution rights, among others."


"The law must be stable yet it must not stand still" 

- Roscoe Pound

As with any companies, the Companies law also progresses with time.

While there should be a need to keep our clients' company portfolio status quo with the Companies Law, no doubt there is a need too to keep our clients' companies stare decisis without compromising the age-old fundamentals inherent in the same Companies Law.

With Longwood Assets, we ensure each company's secretarial matter be managed proficiently and at the same time, that the company value be diligently preserved always in tandem with the Companies Law.


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“We don't make money when we sell things. We make money when we help customers make purchase decisions.”

- Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon -

Likewise, we don't earn your worth merely from our IP & secretarial services. We earn it from how much we solve your business needs.

We, Longwood Assets, make your Intellectual Property and Business matter. We embody your vision. 

Only through your success can we measure ours.

Our Office Address: 

Longwood Assets Sdn. Bhd.,

Suite 512, L2-08, Level 2, 

Cheras Leisure Mall,

Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar

Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur