Malaysia Trademark Rejection Statistics

 *The rejected trademarks are calculated based on the no. of trademark registrations and applications 
by the Malaysian Applicants of the year.

So far, almost 300K trademarks
have been rejected
in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Trademark Office
receives almost
~10K trademark applications
per year.

That alone makes
the Trademark Rejection Rate:
in Malaysia.

Once your trademark is rejected,
your Brand has NO MORE VALUES...

Once rejected,
you are not only
wasting your money
& time,
you've wasted
your Brand &
your Future...


- Lack of Experienced Trademark Agent's Assistance
- When your Trademark Registration is NOT
handled by an Experienced Trademark Agent
- When a Non-Trademark Agent Junior 
handles your trademark registrations
- Inexperienced Trademark Agent
- Newbie Trademark Agent
- Trademark Agent's Fees too low
i.e. not much profit
& they simply register your trademark
- The Trademark Agent charges you too high
in the subsequent stages
till you have to give up
- Someone has successfully stolen your trademark
& register it earlier than you
- You do not know how to register trademark
& it's already too late to ask for help
- No trademark search done
before the trademark application
- You can't wait too long for
the trademark registration
hence you give up
- You chase the Trademark Office
for a "premature" trademark registration
- Your Trademark is related to
your nature of business
- Your Trademark clashes with
other applied & registered trademarks