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商标注册® - 马来西亚和外国

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Trademark Cheras
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Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

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Trademark Office's Official Receipt (2019):

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Please search "Longwood ®"
请在商标局当前官方商标代理人名单中搜索“Longwood ®
Trademark Agent List
Trademark Malaysia

More Than 1000 Trademarks 
Have Been Registered And Applied By Us
In Malaysia & Worldwide Since 2010:
自 2010 年以来,我们已在马来西亚和全球注册和申请了 1,000 多个商标:

Please search "Longwood ®" trademark
we have registered ourselves
using "Longwood Assets ®" as the Trademark Agent
请在商标局数据库中搜索我们使用“Longwood Assets ®
作为商标代理注册的“Longwood ®”商标:
Trademark Malaysia

Or "Bangsar Babe ®"
Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Prices

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark-Related Seminars Our Team Has Attended So Far:

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Please check out BangsarBabe
®'s review on us here.

Trademark Symbol 3

For Any Startups, Social Entrepreneurs, Charity, Foundations, Associations, Religious Associations, & NGOs

Trademark Zero Fare Promotion

Due to the AMAZING DEMANDS from our Clients, 
our Trademark ® Zero Fare Promotion is BACK!

What Trademark Means to you

Use TM & ® to Attract Your Customers' Attention Now!

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Nike & McDonald's made more revenue
in less developed countries
than in more developed countries.

Trademark Symbol 2

Trademark Malaysia

Starbucks made more revenue
in more developed countries
than in less developed countries.

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

If your preferred market is 
the sophisticated, classy, premium, 
more developed market, 
we'd recommend you to use "TM"

If your preferred market is 
the more common, general, 
less developed market, 
we'd recommend you to use "®"

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Registration Malaysia

According to SME Association of Malaysia,
Average SME Net Profit Margin in mid-2010s:
3-8% only

根据马来西亚中小型企业协会(SME Association)的数据,

Trademark Profit Margin

Trademark Profit Margin

Trademark Logo Comparison

Trademark Market Share

Trademark Market Share Comparison

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Nike Trademark
Source: Statista

Tangible (Physical) Assets vs. Intangible Assets (IP)
Trademark Value
Source: My Asset Tag

Disney Trademark
Source: Lexology

Trademark Intangible Assets

Intangible Assets
Source: Ocean Tomo

Trademark Intangible Assets

Unlike physical assets, Intangible Assets are only recordable in your Company's Balance Sheet through the monetisation or "cash out" (please see OSIM® example below) of your Intangible Assets i.e. your Intellectual Property (e.g. Trademarks) by sales (e.g. M&A, Assignments), rental (licensing, franchising), investments (shares buy-in, joint venture, IPO), to name a few.

与有形资产不同,无形资产只能通过无形资产的货币化或“兑现”(请参见下面的OSIM®示例)记录在公司的资产负债表中,即按销售额(例如,并购,转让)进行的知识产权(例如商标)的记录。 ,租金(许可,特许经营),投资(股份购买,合资,IPO)等。

Trademark Net Worth
Source: Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

We also provide the services to record your intangible assets into your Company Balance Sheet via a monetisation process through our sister accounting & audit companies.


Trademark Asset

An Asset is not considered as an asset if it is still under a loan. It is only a Liability (Debt).

Trademark is an asset not a debt

Trademark Risk

Luxury Trademark

Like Luxury Watches & Real Estate, 
Intangible Assets (such as Trademarks) will appreciate in value through time.


Trademark Profit Margin

Trademark Competition

Trademark Competitors

Trademark Acquisition Worth
Trademark Registration Malaysia
Jack Ma Alibaba Trademark Value
Ren Zhengfei Huawei Trademark Value
Trademark Value
Apple Trademark Brand Value 2019
Tong Garden Owner Loses Trademark & Bankrupt
Protect Your Assets Like How You Always Protect Your Loved Ones
Trademark Registration Malaysia
Trademark Registration Malaysia
Rising Brand & Trademark Owner In Malaysia
Trademark Makes Your Parents Proud Of You


Trademark Yearly, Monthly, Daily Cost Comparisonⓒ Copyright of Longwood Assets ® Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved. 

Trademark Registration Malaysia
 *We do not eligibly collect SST from Our Clients (We pay the Governmental taxes from our end). 
Any spending on Trademark Registration is deductible from Business & Company Tax.

Trademark is Freehold like Eternal Love
Seraph Awaken Trademark
Trademark is Freehold (Chinese)
Myburgerlab trademark
Longwood Assets Trademark
Trademark History
Trademark History 2
Classic Watch Trademark
Trademark is a freehold asset
Trademark is a Freehold Achievement

When is your turn to register trademark?

Festive Trademark
Trademark as status
Trademark Tales
Invest in Trademark
Trademark Infinity Stones
Movies Trademark
Trademark Registration Forever

Our Staff (Sales Managers) each handling your trademark enquiry & registration will send their Trademark Agent Certificates 
(as issued by the TM Office Malaysia)(as a Proof) to you 
together with our Quotation (of RM 199+).

One of Our Founders' Registered Trademark Agent Certificate:

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Agent Malaysia
Trademark Attorney Malaysia

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Package

Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Agent Malaysia

Trademark Agent Malaysia

Trademark Cheras


About Trademark ®
关于商标 ®


What is Trademark ®?

Trademark is your own unique name, a brand, a sign or symbol (logo) your customers and clients can recognise as your successes i.e. your businesses, services and products.

 Trademark Benefits 
Trademark Malaysia
Trademark Kuala Lumpur
Trademark Malaysia
Trademark Malaysia

 Our Unique Selling Points 我们独特的卖点  
Trademark Registration Malaysia
Trademark Registration Malaysia

Some of Our Successfully Obtained Malaysian & Foreign Trademark Registration Certificates:

Trademark Certificate

Foreign Trademark

Trademark Malaysia

Our Trademark Office's Official Receipts:

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Our Track Records 我们的成就记录

注册时间: 一到六个月(1-6 Months)

Trademark Registration Kuala Lumpur

Our Clients 我们的客户

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Malaysia

Trademark Registration Cheras

Trademark International
Trademark Bangsar

Trademark KL

Trademark Kuala Lumpur
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Sue Lynn (Founder of Bangsar Babe ®) with David Beckham & Longwood Assets ®' Team during Bangsar Babe ®'s 10th Year Anniversary in 2017
Sue Lynn(BangsarBabe®的创始人)与David BeckhamLongwoodAssets®'团队
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Trademark Registration Certificate

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