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What is Trademark ®? 

Trademark is your own unique name, a brand, a sign or symbol (logo) your customers and clients can recognise as your successes i.e. your businesses, services and products (See More Below).



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Trademark registration ®, on the other hand, protects your trademark ~100% from being copied by your competitors or your copycats. 


Our Trademark Package Cost Benefits (among others):
- All Fees already included
- No Objection from the Trademark Office

Why your trademark needs to be protected by a trademark registration ®? 

Because in a crowded market now, your competitors would always want to steal away your customer or client base by copying your trademark in order to take away your success and make more money or profit off you. 




At the same time, this would make you and your business to lose "face" or reputation in front of your customers and clients especially if the products they make using your trademark are not as good as yours.


How competitors can steal away your clients? 

Usually, the easiest way for your competitor is to copy your trademark your customers and clients have already recognised as your successes i.e. your businesses, services and products. 



Trademark Registration

By copying your trademark, all your hard work, time and money spent on advertising your brand (brand recognition) and creating your products would go down the drain or in other words, to your competitors. 


Trademark Registration

This is why registering a trademark ® could be considered as one of the most important business requirements or necessities


Benefits of Trademark Registration 

According to market research and real case studies, trademark registration ® can help you to generate more sales (at least 30-40%) and earn more profit (more than 50-70%)


Trademark Registration
Source: Visual Capitalist

As such, in order to impress your clients or to increase your reputation, trademark registration ® is the fastest way for you to expand your business with the lowest capital/money spent.


This is because people believe only popular brands will be copied and therefore need trademark registration ® protection.



Register Trademark
              Register Trademark

If you were to register your own trademarkcustomers and clients alike would have a good impression on your brand, products and services therefore increasing your reputation and status among your friends, peers and competitors in the market.


Who is required to register trademark ®?

Although any person, business and company can be an owner of a trademark, however, if you are a successful business owner, there is an urgent, huge need for you to register your trademark ® even now to prevent the "dilution" of your trademark (so that you can rest on your "laurels" (achievements) very soon).


虽然任何人,企业和公司都可以成为商标的所有者,但是,如果您是一位成功的企业主,那么您现在迫切需要注册您的商标®,以防止您的商标“稀释” (这样你就可以很快停留在你的“桂冠”(成就)上)。

Trademark Malaysia
                    Trademark Malaysia

Where can I use my trademark ®?

Trademark Registration ® is territorial i.e. you can only use your registered trademark ® in Malaysia (if you register your trademark in Malaysia only).

The best, you can display your trademark at the most visible part of your products. For example, on a package, a label, a brochure, a leaflet, shopping bags, envelopes, to name a few.




Trademark Kuala Lumpur
                                     Trademark KL

Trademarks can also be displayed on a building, an office, a shop, a window, a billboard, an advertisement, a poster, a vehicle like your vans or lorries, to name a few. 

At the same time, digitally, you can display your trademark anywhere on the Internet or on your corporate social medias.



Our Trademark  ®  Promotion/我们的商标®促销

Our trademark registration ® special promotion packages (Basic & Premium) start from RM X99Free enquiry & to compare price. 

我们的商标注册®特别促销套餐(基本和高级)起价为RM X99。 


Usual market price is RM 2,600-3,000 in total from the 1st Filing Stage to the Final 2nd Stage (TM31/Registration Certificate) but we only start 
from RM X99.

从第一个申请阶段到最后的第二阶段(TM31 /注册证书),通常的市场价格总共为RM2,600-3,000,但我们只从RM X99开始

This is because we have no "Law Firm" or "Boutique TM Firm" fees. & No our Google Ads fees. Unlike many other big TM firms.

这是因为我们没有“律师事务所”或“精品TM所”的费用。 我们不会向您收取Google广告费用。 与许多其他大型TM公司不同。

If you do engage us for registering your trademarks ®, we do provide trademark ® search & advice (usually worth RM 300-2,000 at the market price) included in our package as our warm courtesy to you!

如果您确实聘请我们注册您的商标®,我们将提供商标®搜索和建议(通常价格为市场价RM 300-2,000)包在我们的包装

trademark registration ® special promotional packages not only in Malaysia but also in Foreign countries!


To know more about our attractive trademark registration ® special promotion packages (Basic & Premium), please contact us:


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