Our Trademark Package Cost Breakdown:
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Trademark Cost Breakdown
*Our Trademark Package RM 199+ is the same price when the Applicant is an Individual or a Business/Company; and
the same price for a trademark name/wording(s), a logo or both.

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Yearly Monthly Daily Cost Comparisonⓒ Copyright of Longwood Assets ® Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved. Any person, business or company except for Longwood Assets ® & our Sister Companies that copies or infringes our Marketing Concepts, we will not hesitate to take the most appropriate legal course of action through our Sister Law Firm Panel (Peters Chambers). Please think twice before you proceed to copy other people's copyright (if this is the case, we will also report your action to MyIPO such that MyIPO will take the most appropriate action against you (whether you are acting as a licensed Trademark Agent or not)).

Example of Official Governmental Fees Payment Receipt (for Trademark Application & Registration)

The Hidden & UnHidden Costs (Application-Registration)
Trademark Costs (Application - Registration)

The Hidden & UnHidden Costs (Objection)
Trademark Costs (Objections)

Trademark TM ®, like a Franchise, is a Passive Income

Trademark Franchising

Jack Ma Alibaba Trademark Value

Ren Zhengfei Huawei Trademark Value

Example of Official Governmental Fees (TM31) Payment Receipt 
(during our FOC Publication Stage)
Trademark Publication

Trademark Registration Malaysia

Trademark Registration

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